Client Testimonials

Here's what our patients say about us...

"Great people to come to... An eye for your Vision"

Mr N.Josh


"I bought varifocals on 3rd Sept 2018 and very happy with the glasses and service that was provided to me was excellent! Thank you so much!!"

Ms V.Buksniene


“Excellent professional service everytime..... I always recommend Visioncare to all my friends and family, they are almost all registered there now.” 

Eugenie Witter, Harrow


“I am extremely happy with my contact lenses.... everything is so clear and they are so comfortable that I’ll probably forget to take them out.... Thank you for making my world a brighter and clearer place.” 

Mari Sammut, London


“Professional care is second to none from all members of staff.... I have been and continue to be delighted by the care and attention to detail received for myself and family members.... I am generally not easily pleased but over the years have always been impressed with the service.” 

Andrew Smith, Barnet


“I have been a patient of Visioncare Medical Eye Centre, the High Street, Wealdstone for many years. I wish to make these comments on the overall visits. Always punctual appointments. Greeted with a friendly receptionists. The whole centre is clean and welcoming, the waiting area has supply of up to date reading material. During the eye examinations I was told what the procedures would feel like and the reason they were being done. All my questions were answered in terms I understood. A total professional experience. Thank you!” 

David Sherwood, North London


Plugs were installed into my VERY dry eyes. I have great relief in numerous ways. No more dry or red eyes. No more spending about £20 per month on eye drops. I am very happy. Worth the investment. I am very happy with Mr Rugani and Visioncare!

Mr Afolabi Phillips, Edgeware

"Wonderful service, pleasant employees, nice to know they are there to help with a smile"

Mr Graham Lewis, Wealdstone - 18/09/18


"Visioncare has been very helpful and has friendly staff that efficiently deal with any queries or problems that arise"

Mr Dilwan Umradia, Wealdstone


“I would recommend Visioncare to anyone with eye problems. Very professional and thank goodness I found them!” 

Susan Catherine Cortes, Harrow


“Visioncare particularly excels in allowing time to listen to the patients and making them feel comfortable thereby dispelling any anxiety.” 

Monika Ashford, Harrow


"I have been coming here for over ten years.... the staff are so friendly and I know I receive the best possible care here... I could not sing their praises loud enough."

Amy Jones, Barnet


"Visioncare helped me benefit from the Ortho-K treatment in their usual professional...Now I enjoy being glasses free better than 20-20 vision! I was glad I opted for Ortho-K instead of any laser treatment, and equally glad I chose Visioncare... By my experience, I would highly recommend both!"

Iksit Gadhia, Stanmore


“I've been one of Visioncare’s patient for many years now and I have always been incredibly pleased with the service offered… I am in the process of introducing my 18 month old daughter into the system as my eyesight is poor, and I have every confidence in how she will be looked after.” 

Mark Monaghan, Muswell Hill