Assessments and a Solution

Assessments and a Solution for Reading Difficulties and Visual Stress

Visual stress can be reduced by the use of coloured filters: a coloured overlay placed over text or coloured lenses worn in spectacles. The reduction occurs only when the colour is selected to suit the individual. The selection of lenses is best undertaken with the aid of the Intuitive Colorimeter.














Coloured overlays are widely used by teachers in schools throughout the UK. If an overlay proves useful it is likely that precision tinted lenses will also be beneficial. Lenses can also be used for writing as well as reading and to reduce glare. It is important to note that the most effective coloured overlay is unlikely to have the same colour as the optimal precision lenses.

A full eye examination is necessary before prescribing precision tinted lenses. The procedure is best undertaken by an optometrist who also specialises in colorimetry.

How to find out if colour can help

  1. Eye Examination – Every child who displays problems with reading should have a full eye examination. If a refractive prescription is required (e.g. for long or short sight) then this can be incorporated in the coloured lenses.
  2. Overlay Assessment – An assessment with coloured overlays can be carried out, which the optometrist can then suggest the patient uses the overlay and returns in a few weeks, noting any improvements that result. Alternatively, in cases where the benefit from the overlay is clear, the optometrist may suggest moving directly to testing with the Intuitive Colorimeter.
  3. Colorimetry Assessment – If overlays are beneficial, the optometrist may suggest Colorimetry as the next stage. This may result in the prescribing of spectacles with coloured lenses. The colour will be more specific to each individuals needs, much more precise than the overlay and very often a different colour to the overlay. Coloured lenses are also much more convenient than overlays for board and computer work.

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