How Healthy are your Eyes? – Take our Quiz now

How healthy are your Eyes? – Take our Quiz now

If you are wondering how well you are looking after your eyes, take our quiz and see how you score.

Your eye health is influenced by your lifestyle

How often do you feel your eyes should be tested?

A) Only test your eyesight if you notice a change

B) Every other year

C) Every five years

Do you smoke?

A) Yes

B) No

C) I stopped smoking within the last ten years

When did you last have an eye test?

A) Over ten years ago

B) Less than two years ago

C) Less than five years ago

How much fruit and vegetables do you eat per day?

A) I don’t eat fruit and veg

B) Five servings per day

C) Two servings per day

What is your Body Mass Index (BMI)?  To work out your BMI divide your weight in kilos by your height in metres.  Divide this result by your height in metres again.  This figure is your BMI (70kg divided by 1.75= 40.  40 divided by 1.75 =22.9 BMI)

A) 30+

B) Between 18.5 – 24.9 range

C) Between 25 and 30

When undertaking DIY do you wear eye protection?

A) I never use eye protection

B) I always wear eye protection such as safety goggles

C) Sometimes

How often do you exercise?

A) Rarely

B) I do at least two hours a week of exercise

C) I have a fairly active lifestyle

When the UV index rises to 3+ do you protect your eyes?

A) No

B) Yes I wear sunglasses that are carry a CE mark, and or are rated UV 400 or more. I wear these even on a cloudy day if the UV index hits 3 or higher

C) I wear sunglasses if it is hot and sunny

Do you eat fish?

A) Rarely

B) Two or more portions per week

C) Once a week

How often do you take a break when working on our mobile, tablet, or PC?

A) Only to eat and sleep

B) Around every 20 minutes

C) Around every hour



If you answered mostly A’s with a few C’s you should pay a bit more attention to your eye health.  You run the risk of sight loss.  Your lifestyle is not contributing to healthy eyesight.  Being overweight, lack of exercise, and smoking are bad for your vision as it is for the rest of you.

B’s + C’s

If you answered mostly B’s and C’s then you are doing ok but there is still room for improvement.  Try making changes to your lifestyle and monitor through regular eye examinations.


You have this eye health thing in the bag, well done but don’t forget you still need regular check ups.

To schedule an eye appointment, please contact your nearest branch.  Click here.

Avoid Winter Dry Eyes by Following our Tips

During the cold winter months conditions such as dry eye intensifies and as such our discomfort increases.  This is mostly due to the meibomian tear fluid gland dysfunction being affected by the cold, which tends to make the condition worse.  Just to make it more uncomfortable, having the central heating on all day also contributes to making our eyes that little bit dryer.

It is not all doom and gloom however, as these tips can make a considerable difference to your comfort levels, and the quality of your life during the cold months.

Medicine eyedropper
Eye drops can help conditions which are heightened by cold weather, but you will need to follow all of our tips to avoid discomfort

Winter Dry Eye Tips

It is important to remember to follow all of the tips.  One or two on their own are unlikely to make a difference.

Supplement Warm Soaks with Omega 3 or Flax Seed Oil

If you’re finding warm soaks are not making the difference you would like to see, try taking omega 3 or flax seed oil supplements.  They will help you to control the symptoms.  Ensure you take as recommended.

Modify the Environment to Make it More Comfortable for your Eyes

The environment plays a big part in the treating chronic dry eye, especially if you use tools such as computers which place additional strain on your eyes as your blink rates reduces whilst staring at a screen.  Try lowering the screen a few inches. This will make you look down on the screen and as such bring your corneal surface closer to the inferior tear meniscus which provides greater relief through reducing eye strain.

Use Artificial Tears to Treat Symptoms

Artificial tears may bring relief.  Once applied they bring a soothing sensation to your discomfort.  It is important to remember that artificial tears are a temporary relief, and they do not treat the cause of your condition.  Therefore they should not be the only treatment you use.

Hopefully, but following these tips you should be able to relieve discomfort and carry on preparing for Christmas and the end of the year. If you re concerned about dry eye or any other eye problems contact us to schedule an appointment at the earliest opportunity.

Christmas Opening Hours at Vision-Care

 Please use the above to determine when your local branch is open and closed over the  Christmas period.

As with your dentist appointments, please ensure you contact your local branch to schedule an appointment for you or a family member’s eye test.  Regular eye tests can help detect and prevent the onset of certain conditions, some of which are life threatening.  As all things health related, prevention is better than cure and early detection is everything.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff at Vision Care Medical Eye Centre

Pick up a Stylish and Classy Spectacle Frame Today

With Christmas come these stylish frames from some of the world’s most well known brands.  If you’re looking for a new look, or you need a new pair of specs, these could be a starting point.  All the frames are strong, stylish, and have an elegant and classy feel.

Tag Heuer TH3102 Col 0.005 Spectacle Frame

Tag heuer spectacle frames
Tag Heuer Spectacles can easily fit under a crash helmet

From Tag Heuer comes a spectacle frame which has been designed in the French Jura for sleek comfort.  Featuring a hingeless temple design comprised of titanium,  these sleek frames can easily slip under a crash helmet.  With fully adjustable end tips, ultra-adherent elastomer in the temples, together with a 3D nose pad, these spectacle frames are comfort and style assured.


Silhouette 1899 Col 20 6108 Frame

Silhouette spectacle frames
The Silhouette frame features an ingenious screw – less design

The Silhouette 1899 frames feature an ingenious screw-less hinge design which minimises breakages.  Silhouette use a high quality SPX plastic for the wire thin frames.  This plastic is Silhouette’s own patented mould which gives the frames uncanny strength.  Despite the technical aspects the frames retain a stylish quality not found in most designs.


Calvin Klein 5376 Col 539 Spec Frame

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein offer a funky colour scheme to match your personality


Calvin Klien has always been associated with style and elegance and their spectacle frames adhere to their standards well.  This fame features a sturdy construction and stylish design to ensure the fames do not obscure your natural features, and allow you to see perfectly.





Gucci 3201 Col Z9Y Glasses Frame


Gucci spectacle frame
Gucci offer their own take on a classic theme

Constructed from a strong Acetate frame, the classic stylish design is complimented by a blue and beige colour scheme which speaks the language of classy elegance well.  If class and elegance is part of your ambition, these frames will serve you well.




Lacoste 2678 Col 207 Spectacle Frame


Lacoste spectacle frame
Lacoste take a no nonsense approach to spectacle frame design which you may find refreshing


Another classic frame design from another classic brand, Lacoste have given their frame a stylish brown colour scheme.  The Lacoste frame are both strong and durable and sport a classic look.  Now you have a glasses frame that oozes style and is strong enough to last.



Flexon E1026 Col 001 Spectacle Frame


Flexon spectacle frame
The Flexon frame two shade colour scheme catches the eye without being in the face.

The Flexon frame we bring to the market combines the classic glasses frame look with sleek elegance.  Comfortable and strong, the Flexon’s frame sports a subtle two shade colour scheme.  This  will ensure you come across as a person who chooses their look with care.




To enhance your style through your eyewear, click here to contact us and order your new frames today.