Keep your Eyes Healthy this Winter

Winter Eye Care Tips

The  colder months are just as damaging to your eyes as the warmer ones.  The main danger to your eyes at this time of year is lack of moisture, as your tear film tends to evaporate.  To prevent this and other eye damage occurring, here are tips to help you keep your eyes in good shape.

Protecting your eyes in winter is just as important as in the summer

Eat Better

Vegetables and oily fish are good for your eyes.  They will help your body maintain your eyesight and keep it in good order.  Kale, carrots, and spinach are all good choices of vegetables.  When the weather gets colder, fish and vegetables should be on the menu.

Heating Systems and Eye Drops

Central heating systems in our cars and homes tend to dry out the air.  This has a negative impact on our eyes as the tear film tends to dry out too.  If you find your eyes are dry and tired, invest in some pharmacy or optometrist  recommended eye drops to keep your tear film moist.

Beware of Cold and Flu

With colds and flu having a field day in the colder months, ensure you wash your hands at appropriate times.  It is easy to touch your eye and transfer cold and flu like bacteria, causing infections.  Be sure to take extra care at work and other communal areas where the undesirable bacteria can be lurking on door handles and such like.

Protect your Eyes When Outside

If you are out and about, give your eyes the protection they need.  Wide brimmed hats, hoods, possibly wraparound sunglasses if it gets cold enough, will all keep your eyes protected.  If you are partaking in winter sports, the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV rays can’t be overstated.  It doesn’t have to be the summer to need sunglasses.

Never Share Cosmetics

Although it is second nature try and avoid sharing cosmetic products.  It is very easy to pass infections using shared cosmetics.  Eye infections are no fun, so it is a good idea to avoid the practice.

Contact Lens Issues

If you feel your contact lenses are drying out your eyes speak to our professional optometrsist about possible solutions.  You may just need rewetting drops or a different solution to keep your eye moist.

Book an Eye Exam

As we are in the heart of winter, having an eye examination is always prudent.  Current thinking is that you should have eye checkups to the same frequency as dental checkups.  This way, issues can be addressed faster, and the quality of your eyesight can be maintained.

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Blue Patel – Patient Testimonial

IMG_4990Blue Patel (pictured above with senior optometrist Prakash Rughani and practice administrator Zoe), recently sent us through this very kind testimonial


Testimonial for Vision Care – Barnet

“I have been a patient at Vision Care for many years who have constantly delivered my treatment in the most professional, friendly manner allowing me to understand the remedy through each stage. Vision Care has taught me to move from using eyeglasses to a revolutionary contact lens enabling me to maintain my hectic work life and to continue playing spots well into my Forties!

My young son was diagnosed with poor vision in his left eye. I took him to Vision Care who immediately implemented a bespoke plan to not only fix his sight but taught him how to maintain them for the rest of his life. We enjoy visiting the practice as he is treated like a star but above all Vision Care has changed his life.”


Blue and Aron Patel 8th Jan 2014

If you are interested in becoming a  patient of Vision Care Medical Eye Centre, please contact us today and  our  professional staff will be delighted to provide further information on the extensive range of eye care services we provide.

New Year, New Look, New Eyewear

With 2015 already in full swing, why not beat the January blues by treating yourself to some designer eyewear?  Having a new look at the start of the year often puts you in a happier state of mind.  It can also provide you with a better more positive outlook, and puts a spring in your stride.  So read on, and discover the brands we feature.  They give offer comfort, style, strength, choice, and last but not least, 20/20 vision.


Designer Brands and Eyewear

The better more stylish eyewear comes from the better more stylish brands.  They take the time to design the look of the glasses, while other design teams are bought in to concentrate on the more practical aspects such as durability.  This fusion of talent creates the best eyewear money can buy.

Tag Heuer’s offering to the eyewear market is like their other products, classy and elegant.  They have added nifty design features to set them apart from their competition.

Silhouette has been in the business of eyewear for a long time, and their experience shows and does them proud.  Their screw-less design is nothing short of ingenious.

Calvin Klein’s eyewear feature colours which are arguably elaborate, yet this only adds to the built-in style.  Somehow, the design offers eyewear for every occasion.

Gucci requires no introduction as the brand speaks for itself.  So much so that their spectacle range makes a statement.  Such is the strength and reputation of the brand.

Lacoste is another established brand, and brings its designer know-how to you in the form of quality eyewear.  Why not take a look?

New You

Your eyewear helps to define you so take a look at what we offer.  We select only the finest brands.  They all offer a fusion of style and strength, combining the latest technology with design thinking.  Good eyewear choice will draw attention to your eyes.  Eyes are believed by some to be the window to your soul.

You deserve the best, so click here and choose your next spectacle frame before we sell out.