Baking Soda may Improve your Eyesight but Spectacles and Contact Lenses are the only Way to 20/20 Vision

Spectacles and Contact Lenses are the only Real Way to See Properly

Bicarbonate may be good for your eyes but spectacles and contact lenses are the only means of seeing at 20/20


Recently researchers at Makino Laboratory at Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School and together with researchers at Salus University have discovered that baking soda may have a beneficial effect on our vision.

Bicarbonate (baking soda in the USA) which is used in baking to make cakes rise and come to life does have a variety of uses from cleaning to food.

Apparently, there is evidence that bicarbonate modifies the visual signals generated by rod and cone photoreceptors that detect light.

Clint Makino, Ph.D., director of the Makino Laboratory at Mass. Eye and Ear and an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School explains:

“By opposing the effect of light, bicarbonate limits the size of the photon response and quickens its recovery. As a result, sensitivity to light is slightly lower but our ability to track moving objects is improved.

“An intriguing implication is that vision may change with metabolic state, although further research is necessary for confirmation. It is now known that in some types of retinal diseases, a genetic defect causes cGMP in the rods and/or cones to rise to abnormally high, lethal levels. Once lost, rods and cones are not replaced, so an irreversible blindness is the tragic outcome.”

Although the scientists believe a key to avoiding blindness lies with discoveries such as bicarbonate’s effects on the eye, there can be no doubts that a few pinches of bicarbonate on your cornflakes is not going to correct your vision.

The only way to do this is to have an eye test.  Then once your prescription has been established, you can decide whether you want contact lenses or spectacles.  This is the only sure fire way of ensuring your vision is 20/20.

The bicarbonate discovery is important, no doubt, and eating the right food such as carrots and fish has provable beneficial effects for your eyesight.  On their own however, they cannot restore or ‘fix’ your eyesight to make it 20/20.

So book your eye test with us today.  We have award winning services featured on the BBC Online, and we can bring our years of experience to providing you with better vision.  Eye tests not only help you see, they also detect diseases.

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How we look after your Vision as you get Older

Beat Age Related Eye Conditions

Recently reports surfaced that acclaimed actress Dame Judi Dench is suffering with age related macular degeneration.  This has caused the actress to have her scripts read to her as she now finds reading difficult.  Talking to the press she also said that travelling and other things we take for granted she can no longer do by herself.

She said: ‘These days I can’t really travel on my own because I need someone to say “Look out, there’s a step here!” or else I fall all over the place like a mad, drunk lady.’

As we get older our eyesight deteriorates

Eyesight and Old Age

Eyesight, like the rest of us gets steadily worse as we get older.  Even if you have perfect vision when you were in your prime as you reach 40+ you will not be able to see as well as you could in your twenties.  Our services have been designed to help you combat your age related eyesight deterioration.

Eye Care Services

Using state of the art equipment we can detect a whole range of eye conditions.  Many can be addressed by using eyewear such as spectacles and contact lenses.  Even if they are not treatable in this fashion, you will be empowered to take action.  Here are the most common:

Astigmatism – This is an irregular curvature of the cornea and can result in blurred vision.  Both glasses and contact lenses can address the irregularities providing 20/20 vision.

Cataracts – This is where our eye lens becomes cloudy due to proteins bonding together.  Often, this happens as we get older, and the causes are far reaching.  To cure cataracts, surgery is required.  The earlier it is detected, the more effective treatment is.

Diabetic Retinopathy – This condition affects diabetic suffers and affects the blood vessels in your eye.  The vessels tend to swell, leak or bleed.  When this happens blood can leak into your centre of the eye causing your vision to blur.  It can also lead to more serious problems such as a detached retina.  Surgery is required to halt the condition, and early detection is highly important to stop the permanent deterioration of your vision.

Floaters – As we get older the centre of our eyes can pick up debris.  These are not sight threatening unless they are part of a wider condition.  Regular eye tests will determine the cause and treatment if necessary.

Glaucoma – Glaucoma normally takes three forms and begins when fluid pressure damages the optic nerve.  Depending on the type you have will determine your treatment.  The condition can be stopped but lost vision will not be treatable.  We can however, provide a good range of spectacles and contact lenses to help you see.

Age Related Macular Degeneration – The macular is a small part your retina at the back of your eye and helps you bring objects you are looking at into focus.  Often, we may experience the condition as we get older, and is particularly common in women.  There is no cure for macular degeneration but there are steps you can do to prevent it.

Vitreous Detachment – The posterior of your eye is filled with a jelly like substance called the vitreous which is loosely attached to nerve tissue at the back of your retina.

Over time the jelly can shrink causing light flashes or floaters to appear in your vision.  This can lead to retinal detachment should a retinal tear ensure.

If no detachment occurs this should correct itself over time.  However, any change in your vision should be followed up with an eye test.

Watery Eye – As we hit 60+ sometimes our eyes tear ducts become blocked and our eyes start to water constantly.  We have a number of treatments available to help unblock your tears and relieve your symptoms.

Judi Dench recently revealed she was suffering with macular degeneration
Judi Dench recently revealed she was suffering with macular degeneration

Eye Examinations are Key

Regular eye examinations provide us with an opportunity to look for certain eye conditions, and if possible treat them.  This is not just limited to conditions such as glaucoma, but it can also help detect other conditions such as diabetes, and high cholesterol.  Often, before you experience symptoms.

Regardless of your age, we can help you have better vision and health.  Book an appointment to start the process.  Click here.
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Make Time for an Eye Health Spring Clean

Looking after your Vision

In a recent Eye Love My Local Optician survey it was revealed that one in four people have not had an eye test for over two years.  This figure is somewhat surprising given that three out of four of us value our vision more than any other sense.

Judi Dench recently revealed she was suffering with macular degeneration
Judi Dench recently revealed she was suffering with macular degeneration

Those behind  the survey want people to take eye health more seriously by having regular check-ups to the same frequency as we have dental check-ups.

Traditionally, we only visit our optometrist should we notice a deterioration in our vision or we have distinct issues.  The problem with this approach is that often we are treating a condition that has already developed.  As with most medical conditions early detection is key to effective treatment.

Regular eye examinations can detect the presence of eye and general health conditions such as:

  •  diabetes
  •  retinal conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration
  •  cataracts
  •  hypertension and raised cholesterol conditions

Some of these conditions will impair the quality of our life, others are potentially life threatening.  If caught early on these conditions can be treated more effectively.  Regular eye examinations can allow these conditions to be treated, in some cases before you even notice any symptoms.

In addition over time, like the rest of our bodies our eyesight can deteriorate. By keeping on top of your eye prescription changes you can have spectacles or contact lenses which will help you maintain your quality of vision.

Eye Health

The reason the eye reveals so much about the general condition of our health, is that it is the one part of the body which an examiner can view living blood vessels  directly. It is for this reason that following our guidelines on how to maintain your eye health is important.

Eye conditions are more common than you think, recently, actress Dame Judi Dench was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, an eye condition which if left untreated can significantly impede vision.

To schedule an eye examination for a spring clean health check up, simply contact us here and make an appointment with your local Vision Care Medical Eye Centre practice.

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