Looking after your New Spectacles

If you have been provided with new spectacles from VisionCare Optometrists, you have been supplied with a great pair of spectacles made to the highest standards. Modern spectacle lenses are a feat of technical engineering so it is important you look after your eyewear properly.


To ensure your spectacles give you years of comfy wear, follow our tips for their daily care:

1.    Keep your spectacles in the provided case when they are not being worn.

2.    Always put on and take off your spectacles with both hands. This will ensure they maintain their shape.

3.    Clean lenses with the provided polishing cloth (This cloth works by removing the grease and surface contaminants off the spectacle lenses without scratching them).

4.    Use the specially formulated lens cleaning solution  to prevent damage to your lenses

5.    Always hold both sides of the spectacle frame rim when cleaning the lenses.

6.    If the lenses have dust on them rinse them in luke-warm water before cleaning.

7.    Visit us for a regular check on your spectacles adjustment. This will help maintain a comfortable fit.

8.    Hair sprays and some perfumes can deposit residues on lenses so always remove your spectacles and keep them well away if using these products

To keep your spectacles in great condition

1.    Never place your glasses with the lenses facing downwards.

2.    Never clean your spectacles by holding them by the sides or nose bridge.

3.    Don’t use hot water or soap as this can damage some lens coatings.

4.    Avoid exposing your eyewear to excessive heat crazes the coatings

5.    Never put your glasses without their spectacle case into your pocket or handbag.

6.    Don’t put your spectacles on the top of your head, otherwise they will be put out of shape, and the lenses may get scratched.

7.    Avoid allowing others to try your glasses on. They’re fitted for your individual face; allowing someone else to wear them can alter the fit.

If your spectacles do happen to get damaged don’t try and repair them yourself, always bring them into us for careful examination and professional repair.
If you need any further advice on looking after your spectacles, need information on lens coatings or simply need a check on the fit of your spectacles why not drop into your local Visioncare branch and we will be glad to assist.

Does Your Child Need Sunglasses?

Does your child really need to wear sunglasses? According to most eye professionals and clinical research, the reply is a categorical “yes.”
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun’s rays has been linked with numerous age-related eye conditions, including macular degeneration and cataracts. Research has shown that the more you’ve been exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun during your life, the greater the risk you have for developing these vision-limiting eye problems.


The best lenses for your child’s sunglasses block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV light and are combined with impact-resilient polycarbonate lens material.
As many children tend to spend more of their time outsides compared to adults, some eye specialists reckon that nearly 50% of an individual’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation can take place before the age of 18

In addition, children are more vulnerable to damage of the retina from UV light because the eye lens of a child’s eye is more transparent than an adult’s eye lens, which allows more ultraviolet radiation to travel further into the eye.These combined factors make it crucial for all children, even babies, to wear UV-protection sunglasses when they are outside. More so between the daytime hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., when the sun’s UV concentration is at its peak.

Investing in specialist children’s sunglasses, will be a great help towards your children revelling in days of good vision as they grow older.