Sensible use of Mobile Devices Keeps Eyesight in Good Shape

A Brief Guide for Keeping your Eyesight Healthy when using Smartphones and Tablets

With more and more mobile devices flooding the market, an estimated 35 million people have one in the UK alone, peering at smaller text on your phone can put your eyesight under considerable strain.

This post looks at ways you can minimise strain to keep your eyes in good shape.

smartphone, tablet, eye strain
Taking breaks from your mobile device can help reduce eye strain

Consider Reading Glasses if you are Aged 40+

If you are over 40, you may want to consider wearing reading glasses.  It is recommended that you do so by healthcare professionals.  Reading glasses will also make the text appear larger, and assist navigation which is especially useful on a smartphone.

If possible try and read text on tablets and e-readers.  This not only gives you a better, more comfortable reading experience, but the Amazon Kindle has been configured to emulate reading a book which puts less strain on your eyes.

Take Breaks

It is not recommended that you read for longer than twenty minutes when using a mobile device, so ensure you take plenty of breaks.

Utilise your Device Settings for Easier Navigation and to Reduce Eyesight Stress

Always adjust the settings on your devices to ensure a comfortable reading experience.  You want to adjust colour and contrast to reduce glare and the need to peer at your phone to read it.

Using Outside? You can also apply anti glare covers and sunscreens to block reflections for a better reading experience and eye protection.  Wearing sunglasses is another way to reduce strain on your vision.

Talk to your Phone – Most devices allows you to operate them using your voice.  If you can utilize this facility you should.  Not only is it faster to find what you want, but it also reduces the need to peer at the screen and type.

What can I do if I can feel my Eyes are Under Strain?

There are quite a few options including the ones listed above.  Others you may want to consider are using eye drops to help lubricate your eyes, or blinking.  When we stare at mobile device screens we are totally focused and subsequently blink less.  This causes dryness and stress, so try blinking more and see if that relieves the strain.

My Eyes are sore and I am Getting Frequent Headaches.  What do I do?

If this is happening to you book an appointment straight away.  We can give you a thorough eyesight examination and identify why you are experience headaches and discomfort.

The Coatings that Enhance your Vision

Coatings that Make Glasses Socially Acceptable

Your life as a wearer of glasses can be made a lot easier if you buy a pair of specs or sunglasses which has special coatings applied.  The range of coatings has grown considerably over the last few years, to the point where embarrassing and sometimes dangerous situations can be completely avoided.

Coatings have evolved which stop those annoying and sometimes dangerous situations. Talk to us about coatings today.

Anti-Reflective Layers

Reflections from bright lights and wet or shiny surfaces can play havoc with your vision.  This problem is often realised while driving when beams from oncoming vehicles can cause problems and sometimes wet road surfaces can also cause issues.  These issues can be addressed however, by having your glasses coated with anti-reflective layers.

It seems a little like magic, but it filters out the reflections that can quite easily cause a car accident, without any loss to the effectiveness of your glasses or sunglasses.

Speak to us today about glasses which help you see when bright lighting is in play.

Coatings that Protect from Scratches

A particular issue with your spectacles and sunglasses is that they can be easily scratched.  We all know how annoying that can be.  Spectacles and sunglasses that have undergone anti-scratch coatings last longer and provide better vision for longer.

Again, talk to us about having anti-scratch coatings on your spectacles.  Make them last as long as they can.

Anti Mist Coatings

At last! Anti mist coatings are available which stop those embarrassing situations when your glasses mist up and you feel like you are in a Carry On film.  It often happens when the temperature drops rapidly and condensation occurs.  Anti mist coatings can stop condensation forming in the first place, while hydrophobic layers repel water droplets.

They also prevent dirt building up which makes them perfect if you work outdoors or for your children, who seem to be able to attract dirt and scratches to their spectacles just by putting them on!

Incidentally, do you know having different coloured lenses can help address learning difficulties?

Talk to us today about the coatings that help you cope with the situations non glasses wearers do not understand.  Simply make an appointment at your local branch.


How Eyesight Develops in Babies

How your Baby Sees the World When First Born

Within the first few days your newborn will be able to recognise your face.  They will also be able to see shapes and light, but will not have any perception of colour.  This is because their retinal cells are not fully developed.  They can see high contrasting patterns however, such as black and white.  At this point they are unable to coordinate both eyes to focus on one object.

Within the next two months your baby will have learned to coordinate both eyes.  It is important to understand that eyesight development and progress is linked to brain development, so stimulation of your child’s senses is important.

baby, eyesight
You’re baby’s eyesight development is linked to brain development

Your Baby’s Vision at Six Months

As your baby approaches six months they are able to track objects as they move closer and further away from him or her.  Colours will also become visible and more distinct.  The world is opening up for your baby at this point.

It is a good idea that you have a night light on in your baby’s room.  This is because their sensitivity to bright light is far lower and pitch darkness can not only scare your newborn, but peering puts eyes under stress.

Your Baby’s Vision at Nine Months

At nine months your child’s eyesight is almost fully developed in terms of long distance vision.  Reading, playing, crawling, and walking is approaching fast, and so your baby’s eyesight has to be good.  There is a big world to be explored, and eyesight is key to learning at all ages of your child’s development.

Although we see crawling as a prelude to balance and walking, it is also essential to develop good hand – eye coordination.  Healthcare professionals believe that crawling develops better hand-eye coordination than walking.  So let your mobile baby crawl around and explore.

I Have Concerns About my Baby’s Eyesight.  What do I do?

If you have concerns over your child’s eyesight, at any age including infant, contact us straight away and we will answer your questions.  We can arrange an early check-up to ensure both eyes are developing as they should be, and what course of action to take should there be an issue present.

Eyesight and your Child

It is essential that you have your eyes and the eyes of your children checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy.  You can see a comprehensive schedule by clicking here.