5 Plain Speaking Reasons to Have an Eye Test

There are many reasons to have an eye test and in this post we explore a few.  Eye tests do not just tell you how good or bad your vision is, but they also give you a good guide to your general health.  Read on and discover important reasons to have your eyes checked on a regular basis.

Regular eye tests are essential to our quality of life

Eye Prescription

One of the most common reasons people get an eye test is to be fitted for visual aids.  Spectacles and contact lenses help you see at 20/20 should you suffer with long or short sightedness.  (Hyperopia or myopia).

Lifestyle Changes

As we get older like the rest of us our eyesight deteriorates and this impacts on our life.  Reading, close work, driving are all aspects where we need 20/20 vision.  A regular eye test will tell you when you need to think about wearing glasses and contact lenses, to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Eye Conditions

As well as natural changes to your vision, eye tests can discover if you are suffering with one of these three conditions:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic retinopathy

Early detection is key to treatment and to adjust to lifestyle impacts.  This is only possible via an eye test.

It is important to remember that if you have an issue with your eyes, you will not necessarily feel pain like other parts of your body.  This can delay getting the treatment you need as you are unaware something is wrong.  Unless you have regular eye tests.

Health Conditions

In addition to eye conditions, eye tests also detect conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  Again early action is key to ensuring you can manage conditions before they become life threatening.  Eye tests are one way to ensure early detection.

Quality of Life

Whether or not you have developed an eye or health condition, having 20/20 vision ensures you keep pace with life, and you can participate in it.  This is only possible by having a regular eye tests.  With the right spectacles and contact lenses, you can spend quality time with your children; ensure your work maintains the right standards, and that you can drive a car without risk of causing an accident.

I Understand the Importance of Regular Eye Tests What Now?

Schedule an eye test even if you have not noticed in your vision for you and your family.  Keep on top of changes and your health today.  Click here and schedule an appointment at your nearest branch.

The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Wearing and you

Although contact lenses have got some bad press lately, it is not so much the lenses and more the behaviour of the wearers.  Providing you follow the instructions provided and use common sense measures, you can use contact lenses to give you 20/20 vision in safety.

Here are a few benefits of wearing contact lenses if you’re still not convinced.

Contact lenses make a real positive impact to the quality of your life

Active Lifestyle

In comparison to spectacles, you can have a far more active lifestyle wearing contact lenses.  Contact lenses will not fly off your head if you head a ball, or pick up road grit when cycling.  They are more practical when messing about with the kids, and as they stay in your eyes, there is no risk of someone landing on them.


Reading becomes a seamless pleasure when wearing contact lenses.  You do not have to think about where your glasses are, or if you have the right ones.  All you have to do is open the book or magazine, or look at the screen.  It is the way it should be.


Again, driving becomes much easier when wearing contact lenses.  Glasses are prone to steaming up, and on rainy days this can be an issue.  Contact lenses, however, are immune.  They are also impervious to glare, unlike your trusty glasses.

Social Situations

Contact lenses really come into their own in social settings.  They do not steam up in warm rooms, neither do they tint on a cold day, making you look a little pretentious.  You can dance without worrying if they are going to fly off your head, and your natural eye colour shines through.  Spectacle wearers often complain that people do not look into their eyes when they are wearing glasses.

They also do not smear or are affected by dirt and dust.  This makes contact lenses a very practical option to see at 20/20.


Although glasses can be a fashion statement for some, for many wearers they are conscious of their specs and subsequently have a poorer quality of life.  Contact lenses, however, can be a real confidence boost as they remove the stigma of wearing spectacles that some people experience.

I want a Pair of Contact Lenses what do I do?

To assess your suitability for contact lenses, click here and schedule an appointment.  Wearing contact lenses can transform your quality of life.  Let us start the process.