What is a Stye and how do you treat it?

A stye sometimes called a hordeolum, is an abscess which forms on either the inside or outside of your eyelid.  They are filled with puss, and feel hard and painful.  They are fairly common and most people get one or two styes in their life.

What causes Styes?

Swelling and pain are one of the symptoms of Styes.
Swelling and pain are one of the symptoms of Styes.

Styes are caused by staphylococcal bacteria which live on surface of your skin.  You have billions of friendly bacteria on your skin.  In the right conditions however, the bacteria will eat your dead cells and other debris, which on occasion results in a stye forming.

External Styes

External styes tend to form near an eyelash and begin as a small spot.  Later they turn red and start to swell.  During this time they can be painful and it can go on for several days.  Often, they burst and then heal.  And that is the end of the external stye.

Internal Styes

Internal styes form on the inside of the eye lid.  When the infections passes, the stye may simply disappear.  However, on occasion the stye leaves a small fluid filled cyst which may have to be opened and drained to heal properly.

When to Seek Medical Advice

If your stye exhibits these symptoms, seek medical advice straight away:

  • The swelling does not reduce after two weeks
  • The stye interferes with your vision
  • You have eye pain

Should you have recurrent styes.  This is an indicator of other skin problems

Stye Prevention

To help prevent styes, especially if they tend to reoccur is to put a few drops of baby shampoo in a cup of warm water, and using cotton wool gently brush the base of  your eyelashes while keeping your eye closed.  This will remove excess bacteria and debris.

Alternatively, using a clean flannel scrub your eyes in the shower.

To minimise the risk of contracting styes, always avoid eyelid contact with dirty towels or hands, and cosmetics.

If you find your styes are still reoccurring, you may be suffering with rosacea.  Your doctor will be able to diagnose and treat the condition.

Styes are different in nature to a chalazion.  This is a pain free lump caused by duct blockages.

Both chalazions and styes are normally harmless and can occur at any age.

For more information on styes get in touch.  And don’t forget to book your eye appointment before school.  Click here.

The Unusual fruits which help your Eyes and Vision

The Fruits which help you maintain Eye Health!

To help you give your eyes the vitamins and nutrients to maintain eye health, here are a few unusual fruits which you may not have heard of.  Like other parts of our bodies, our eyes rely on a good diet to prevent conditions, and to keep our eyes well maintained.

Dragon Fruit are good for your eyes

Custard Apples

Custard apples help to reduce excess fluid which can build up under our eyes.  This is mostly because the fruit is potassium rich, and contains vitamins C and B.  Custard apples are sometimes confused with artichokes due to their bumpy green skin.  They have a sweet taste.

Jack Fruit

Jack fruit are packed with vitamin C.  Studies suggest that vitamin C reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, which tend to affect us as we get older.  Neither condition is particularly good for us to endure, so make sure you eat plenty of vitamin C to preserve your eyesight for as long as possible.


Comprised of wedge shaped segments, this fruit with its complex B vitamins has the beneficial effect of reducing macular degeneration in women, at least according to a recent study.  If you’re a woman and can make this fruit part of your diet you should.

Buddha’s Hand

This fruit has long fingers and is packed with vitamin C.  As well as preventing certain conditions, the delicate capillaries of the retina are also protected.  If you can get hold of it you should eat it.


Kiwano helps us see in the dark.  The green pulp of the fruit similar to a cucumber contains beta carotene also known as pro-vitamin A.  The properties of beta carotene protect the surface of our eyes allowing us to see better in low light.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit are another fruit which contain plenty of vitamin C.  This vitamin is important to eye health as it helps to protect and nourish the cornea of the eye.


Rambutan contains not only our favourite vitamin C but it is also rich in biofavonoids.  The latter contains plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  This is positive as it lowers the risk of age related vision properties.

In essence fruits which are packed with vitamins, especially C are going to help you maintain your vision in some way.  So eat healthy and make sure you schedule your next eye test.  Click here.

Add Eye Examinations to your Back to School List

Add Eye Examinations to your Back to School List

With the chaos of the summer holidays, we have a lot to organise to make sure our children are ready for the big restart in September.  To your list you should put down the yearly eye test.  In this post we look at why eye tests are important to your child’s education and general health.

Ensure your children's vision is 20/20 before they start school
Ensure your child’s vision is 20/20 before they start school

Vision Affects Concentration and Performance at School

If your child has no vision issues, they do better at school.  The simple fact is if they can concentrate on the work in front of them rather than struggling to read it, they will do better.  Also, an eye test can establish whether or not you child has some kind of condition which is affecting their ability to read.  Scotopic sensitivity is a little known yet common condition, and simply through the use of filters can and does transform children’s learning abilities.

Better Quality of Life

As well as a better and more effective education, their life outside of school will also improve considerably.  If your child has vision issues which remain hidden, they will find it harder to join in and enjoy activities they do.  One eye test can change all that, and ensure they enjoy life vision issue free.


Again, hidden eye issues impair their ability to do new things and this can damage confidence.  Without confidence, they may become reluctant to try new things, or conclude they are just ‘no good’.  Confidence issues can be addressed with an eye examination.

Health Issues

Although health issues tend to occur when we’re older, they can affect us when we are young as well.  Conditions such as diabetes can be detected at an early age via an eye test.  If your child suffers from diabetes early detection and the drills of early management will help them adjust to the condition have more rewarding lives as a result.

Early detection is also important if you have a history of eye conditions in your family.

Signs to watch out for

If you feel your child is showing any of these signs, they may well require visual aids. Children rarely complain about not being able to see clearly.  As such they exhibit the following behaviour:

  • Sitting close to the TV
  • Blinking constantly
  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Holding objects very close
  • One eye turning in and out

Schedule your Child’s Eye Test in Time for School

To ensure your child is not impaired by vision issues, has the best possible start to the school year, and has any issues addressed, click here and schedule your appointment.