Bharat Rughani Live TV Appearance on Zee TV!

Recently, our senior optometrist partner, Bharat Rughani, was asked by Zee TV to do a live phone in show. People with eye conditions were invited to tap into Mr Rughani’s vast knowledge on eye problems and vision care. Mr Rughani acquitted himself well, answering viewer’s questions on various eye conditions. You could say he was a natural.

Our senior optometrist Bharat Rughani showing similar flair as a TV eye care practitioner as he does at our clinics.

Mr Rughani’s expertise has seen him not only help people on live television and at our three eye centres, but at Moorfields Eye Hospital as well, one of the most renowned eye hospitals in the world.

Mr Rughani has been helping people with their eye health since 1984, and will no doubt continue to do so in the future.
You can see a fan based clip of Mr Rughani in the video below.

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Enjoy the video clip below: