Do you suffer with Dry Eyes?

Help at Hand for Dry Eye Suffers

Dry Eye Syndrome describes a range of conditions which affect the tear production of your eyes.   The cause of each type of Dry Eye condition is the lack of tears, or the tears you do produce evaporate too quickly.  If left unchecked you will find your eyes will become sore and painful and may become infected.  Symptoms include feeling you may have dust or grit in your eyes, and your eyes may constantly be red in colour or water excessively.

Our new site can help you live with Dry Eye Syndrome. Click the picture now.
Our new site can help you live with Dry Eye Syndrome. Click the picture now.

As such we have developed a new website to give you information and give advice on available treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome: – Visit it now.

Our new site will give you information on the conditions.  Do you suffer with Blepharitis? Do you want to find out if you do? Our site can give you the answer and offer guidance on where to get help.

Information you will find on

To give you an idea of how the new site can help you, here are some of answers to typical questions:

  • What Causes Dry Eye? – Mostly age but other factors may contribute to the condition such as air conditioning or car windscreen demisters
  • Is Dry Eye an infection? – No but it can lead to infection if left untreated
  • What causes Blepharitis? – Mostly, Blepharitis is caused by a blockage in the Meibomian glands in the eyelid. There are other causes as well
  • Can I wear contact lenses if I have Dry Eye Syndrome? – Most people can and we are experts at providing contact lenses which work well to your particular type of Dry Eye condition

Treatments for Dry Eye

As well as providing general information on Dry Eye we also provide information on treatments.  There are quite a few and although many are eye-drop based, there is also another solution called Punctum Plugs.  This is a specialised treatment and used should the tears your eyes produce are draining away.

Regardless of what type of Dry Eye Syndrome you have our new site will be able to help you.  Take a look and get in touch with us by booking an appointment at one of our clinics.  We can ease your discomfort and help you have a better quality of life.