Our Senior Optometrist on Zee TV Eyecare Phone-in

Just last week, our senior optometrist partner, Bharat Rughani, was asked by hugely popular South Asian TV channel Zee TV  to do a live phone in show.

Mr Rughani’s appearence on the program helped a large number of callers with their questions on a wide variety of eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and eye floaters.

Hopefully you managed to catch the program but don’t worry if not, as Mr Bharat Rughani  and our other optometrists are always available in our practices for expert eye care advice.


contact lens wear

Thinking About Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are a great alternative for correcting your vision giving the freedom to enjoy clear vision without wearing spectacles.
Find out more contact lens wear with our answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Contact Lenses?

With modern contact lens materials and designs, almost everyone can be fitted with a suitable lens.
Whether you are looking for clear vision without eyeglasses or want to use contact lenses for leisure or social events our experienced optometrists will be delighted to guide you through the options and explain the different varieties of contact lenses available.

Am I too old to wear Contact lenses?

Certainly not! Modern contact lens design mean that multifocal contact lenses are now available for many patients providing clear vision for all distances.

Can I swim wearing contact lenses?

It is not recommended to wear contact lenses when swimming.
Lenses can get easily lost as the pool water can cause them to float off the surface of your eyes.
A more serious issue is that swimming pool water can be absorbed into the contact lens and increase the risk of getting a potentially serious eye infection
Swimming in the sea can also cause problems if you wear contact lens. Salty sea water can cause your lenses to dry out your lenses also contains lots of micro-organisms which are damaging for your lenses and your eyes.

Will  I Still Need to Wear Spectacles if I Wear Contact Lenses?

We would recommend that you also have a pair of spectacles made up in your current prescription to wear in case you are ill or temporarily unable to wear your contact lenses.

Today contact lenses provide a great alternative for our patients who need vision correction but want to enjoy the freedom of not needing to wear spectacles. With a wide range of lens options available at VisionCare Medical Eye centre we can offer contact lenses to suit the different lifestyles and vision requirements of patients whatever their age.

If you have any other questions about contact lenses or would like to book a contact lens assessment please get in touch here