How Eyesight Develops in Babies

How your Baby Sees the World When First Born

Within the first few days your newborn will be able to recognise your face.  They will also be able to see shapes and light, but will not have any perception of colour.  This is because their retinal cells are not fully developed.  They can see high contrasting patterns however, such as black and white.  At this point they are unable to coordinate both eyes to focus on one object.

Within the next two months your baby will have learned to coordinate both eyes.  It is important to understand that eyesight development and progress is linked to brain development, so stimulation of your child’s senses is important.

baby, eyesight
You’re baby’s eyesight development is linked to brain development

Your Baby’s Vision at Six Months

As your baby approaches six months they are able to track objects as they move closer and further away from him or her.  Colours will also become visible and more distinct.  The world is opening up for your baby at this point.

It is a good idea that you have a night light on in your baby’s room.  This is because their sensitivity to bright light is far lower and pitch darkness can not only scare your newborn, but peering puts eyes under stress.

Your Baby’s Vision at Nine Months

At nine months your child’s eyesight is almost fully developed in terms of long distance vision.  Reading, playing, crawling, and walking is approaching fast, and so your baby’s eyesight has to be good.  There is a big world to be explored, and eyesight is key to learning at all ages of your child’s development.

Although we see crawling as a prelude to balance and walking, it is also essential to develop good hand – eye coordination.  Healthcare professionals believe that crawling develops better hand-eye coordination than walking.  So let your mobile baby crawl around and explore.

I Have Concerns About my Baby’s Eyesight.  What do I do?

If you have concerns over your child’s eyesight, at any age including infant, contact us straight away and we will answer your questions.  We can arrange an early check-up to ensure both eyes are developing as they should be, and what course of action to take should there be an issue present.

Eyesight and your Child

It is essential that you have your eyes and the eyes of your children checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy.  You can see a comprehensive schedule by clicking here.