Vision and Exercise

Recent research has shown that exercise  as well as elevating the heart rate may improve vision.

The wide array of benefits from physical exercise is long,including mood enhancement, improved sleep, reduced risk of disease and now researchers believe vision improvement can be added to the mix.

A recent study at UC Santa Barbara recorded vision improevemnt among 18 subject participants who had riding a stationary bike at low intensity.

Tom Bullock a post-doctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara,said that previous studies had resulted in improved vision among mice during physical activity.

“However, given the vast differences between mouse and primate brains, it is unclear whether these results also apply to the human brain,” he elaborated. “Our data provides evidence that there may well be a common mechanism,” Dr Bullock stated.

During the research program, the 18 volunteers each wore a skull cap cover containing scalp electrodes and a wireless heart rate monitor. The visual neural activity was analysed while the study participants were at rest, as well as during a variety of cycling intensity exercise.

Reconstructed tuning curves using a computational algorithm, allowing researchers to estimate how well large populations of neurons in the visual cortex
were representing different stimulus orientations.

The results suggested that the neurons became more sensitive to visual stimuli during low intensity exercise than during high intensity exercise or rest.

Other research planned by the lab includes a study determining how exercise influences visual working memory.

Maybe time to start moving to help both your heart and your eyes?

Infused Water for Eye Health

Drinking plenty of water and maintaining hydration throughout the day is important for many reasons — including the health of your eyes.  Dehydration can cause symptoms of dry eyes, eye redness and swollen eyelids.
These easy to follow recipe steps can help you create a refreshing infused water drink to maintain healthy fluid levels during the party season.


Infused Water Recipe

1. Use a large glass pitcher or jug.

2. Add a bunch of chopped herbs from this selection: Mint, ginger, basil, rosemary.

3. Add one or two of your favourite fruits and vegetables(washed and sliced) for example choose from a selection of cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemons, limes, oranges, kiwi, peaches, watermelon  and  add to the pitcher.

4.Fill the jug with fresh filtered water and leave to cool in the refrigerator  for a couple of  hours so the flavours can blend into the water.
Popular flavour combinations: Mint, ginger and cucumber; strawberry, blueberry and basil; peach, mango and rosemary.

The infused water will last for up to 2 days; however, the fruit and veggies may get water-logged so often it is best consumed within 24 hours

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6 Essential Eye Health Tips

Keeping our Eyes Healthy

eye-health-eyesight health
Regular eye tests, exercise, and a good diet all help to keep our vision working at optimal levels

Often we take for granted the health of our eyes. Whereas other body parts we are always exploring, monitoring, cleaning, and visiting a professional about should we feel something is wrong, eyes on the other hand are just there in our heads. This is a mistake. As one of the most complex organs in our body, and one of the five senses, the eye serves multiple functions as well as helping us to see.

The health of our eyes is a good indicator to our overall health.

This post provides guidance on how to keep your eyes healthy.

Diet and Eyesight

The better your diet, the healthier your eyes will be. This has been established in many studies, and our eyes respond well to vitamins A, C, and E. They also benefit from lutein – rich foods such as green vegetables such as spinach and kale, and other foods such as eggs. Lutein – rich foods help us absorb harmful light wavelengths which can damage our eyes.

Exercise and Eyesight

Exercise improves our circulation and as such better blood flow is great for our eyes. Regular exercise is also very good for your heart, your muscles, helps to combat a range of health issues, and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Hygiene and Your Eyes

Ideally, you want to get in the habit of using face wipes to clean your eyes, the same way you use a toothbrush to clean your teeth. Eyes work best when they are dirt, grit, and oil free. Regular cleansing will ensure that your risk of an eye related disease lessens.

Regular Eye Tests

Eye tests are not just about your vision, but your overall health. Often conditions such as diabetes are detected via eye tests, and so regular tests will ensure any conditions you may have are caught early on, and treated accordingly. As well as ensuring your vision remains 20/20.

Contact Lenses and Eye Health

If you find your eyes tend to dry out while wearing contact lenses, apply eye drops (suitable for use whilst wearing contact lenses) to help soothe the irritation. Your eyes need to be kept moist to function correctly, and eye drops for contact lens wearers supplied by your optometrist or phrmacist will help to do this.

If you are a contact lens wearer, ensure you clean your lenses as per instructions, and clean them regularly. Also, if you choose to wear disposable lenses, ensure you throw them away as per instructions too. Failure to do either could cause problems for you in the future. In fact severe eye related diseases can come about due to poor contact lens hygiene.

Avoid Touching your Eyes

Where possible avoid touching your eyes. If you need to touch your eyes, always ensure you hands are clean. Unseen bacteria can be transmitted into your eye from your hands. This can lead to a range of eye issues which on occasion can cause permanent damage.

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