Jeanette Jacobs Patient Testimonial

A patient Jeanette Jacobs recently sent this kind testimonial after the punctum plug treatment she received for her dry eye condition.

Dear Vision Care

Following on from our conversation earlier this morning please find below my experience for the plug treatment for dry eyes.

When I initially started to notice that my eyes were becoming very dry I started to use eye drops daily to ease the problem, which was crucial as I am a contact lens wearer. However over a couple of years it was clear that my eyes were getting more dry and the drops weren’t as effective.

When I discussed my dry eye problem with Vision Care and they told me about the plug treatment. Initially I dismissed the treatment as I thought it was invasive and sounded very uncomfortable and involved a surgical procedure. Nevertheless when I expressed my concerns, they explained that the treatment was painless, quick and no surgery was involved.

Feeling more positive I agreed to have the plug treatment and can only say I have never looked back. It is done very quickly and you feel absolutely nothing as they are inserted. Also for me the result was instant. My eyes are moist again and my contact lenses are once more extremely comfortable. I am absolutely delighted with the results.

If anyone is considering this treatment I would encourage it for the reasons I have given above.

Kind regards


More information on Punctum Plugs Treatment for Dry Eyes, can be found at this link

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Blue Patel – Patient Testimonial

IMG_4990Blue Patel (pictured above with senior optometrist Prakash Rughani and practice administrator Zoe), recently sent us through this very kind testimonial


Testimonial for Vision Care – Barnet

“I have been a patient at Vision Care for many years who have constantly delivered my treatment in the most professional, friendly manner allowing me to understand the remedy through each stage. Vision Care has taught me to move from using eyeglasses to a revolutionary contact lens enabling me to maintain my hectic work life and to continue playing spots well into my Forties!

My young son was diagnosed with poor vision in his left eye. I took him to Vision Care who immediately implemented a bespoke plan to not only fix his sight but taught him how to maintain them for the rest of his life. We enjoy visiting the practice as he is treated like a star but above all Vision Care has changed his life.”


Blue and Aron Patel 8th Jan 2014

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