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We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for common and uncommon eye conditions. We also make 90% of our own lenses. Based in Harley Street, Barnet, and Wealdstone, we can ensure your eyes are giving you 20/20 vision, and detect early warning signs of diseases and conditions. Get in touch today, with Visioncare Medical Eye Centre specialist opticians London and keep your vision healthy.

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Mission Statement

  • We are an established independent medical eye clinic
  • Our mission is to provide the highest quality of personalised eye care and the most individual visual correction to every client
  • In support of this, we are committed to utilising the latest technology, products and training for our staff
  • We will always act with respect, courtesy and integrity with each and every client
  • We will always put your needs first and maintain an excellent aftercare service for all our clients


Client Testimonials

“I have been coming to Visioncare for the last 25 years (Harrow). I would never go to any other optician, Dr Rughani and the staff are always welcoming, kind, understanding and nothing is ever too much to do for them. I feel so much at home I cannot ask for anything besides may god bless each one of them and keep them safe & healthy. They all have been my rock including Mrs Rughani. Thank you all so much!”

A Fernandes (14.02.20)


“The service provided is always excellent. Prompt and professional and always has been. I have been attending this practice for 30 years. All staff are respectful and professional in all ways, as well as very helpful at all times.”

Noel Cassian (15.02.20)


“I have been a patient for many, many years. I feel like I Amin the best hands with Dr Bharat Rughani. So much so that after having moved 200 miles away, I still visit Dr Rughani. The knowledge, experience and care provided is outstanding and makes me feel like I am not just another patient and that I am truly taken care of. The technology and machines are state of the art and I learn & see so much. I really cannot thank all at Visioncare enough for all the years of care.”

Aisha Chughiou (15.02.20)


“After more than 20 years of looking after our family’s eyes, we can’t recommend Visioncare highly enough. The level of care and expertise Mr Rughani and his team give us is like being on Harley Street. Their passion and commitment to the latest technology reassures us that any issues with our sight will be picked up early, and we always come away reassured by their professionalism and friendliness.”

Mr T Hollis, Highgate (24.04.20)



Specialist Treatments at our Visioncare Medical Eye Centre

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome is a condition where your eyes do not make enough tears. Tears in the eye act as a lubricant and protect your eye from the environment. Sufferers of the dry eye condition often experience inflammation and soreness. We specialise in treatment for dry eye syndrome and have a range of options to keep your eye moist. Visit this page for more information.

Orthokeratology (Ortho - K) - The alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

The knowledge that our cornea lenses can be reshaped using contact lenses is not new. It was first tried forty years ago. Sadly, the technology was hit and miss. Happily that has now changed. Using the latest 3D corneal mapping technology and special contact lenses, we can offer a service whereby your vision is corrected while you sleep. You simply ware the lenses why you slumber, remove them in the morning and enjoy 20/20 vision all day.

Ortho - K offers a viable alternative to laser eye surgery, as well as providing the same freedoms. It is also suitable for children. Learn more about Ortho – K here.


Learning Difficulties and Visual Stress

Around two million children in the UK experience learning difficulties. It is estimated that half of these children are suffering with a condition called scotopic sensitivity syndrome. This disorder affects vision, making reading and writing difficult. It is also known as perceptual dyslexia.

It is caused as a result of inappropriate brain-eye co-ordination. In essence suffers have difficulty reading due to the relationship between light and their central nervous system. At Vision Care Medical Eye Centre London opticians we provide specialist examination and treatment services for children with this condition. One of the children we treated was featured in a BBC NEWS Online story. Prior to treatment, Ben, aged 13 had considerable difficulty reading. He received tests for dyslexia which proved inconclusive.

Following an eye test, we treated Ben using coloured filters held in place using eye glasses. Ben's reading improved overnight and he took two GCSE's a year early. It is tragic that so many children can be helped with a simple eye test and yet are not.

If you feel your child maybe suffering with scotopic sensitivity syndrome, get in touch and make an appointment. This could be exactly what they need.

Ensuring your Eye Health is 20/20

Visioncare Medical Eye Centre specialist opticians in London provide award winning eye health services that will ensure that your eyes are as healthy as they can be. We offer a comprehensive range of eye treatments administered by experts in their fields. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure we provide you with your optimal visual results.

Eye Health is not just about 20/20 Vision

Few people realise that many illnesses and conditions can be discovered and treated through better eye health. This is why we have invested in an Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine.

This state of the art and clever device provides a detailed 3D image of your eye. Using this machine we can detect and catch conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration (AMD), and glaucoma.