Home Eye Care Services from Visioncare

Have an Eye Examination in the Comfort of your Own Home

Sometimes, you may realise that you need a new pair of glasses but find leaving the house difficult. Perhaps you do not have the transport facilities to call in to one of our clinics.

Though an unfortunate situation, there are always ways around these problems. Our home eye care service will bring our state of the art clinical equipment to your home and give you the eye test you need. From the results of your test we can manufacture your new spectacles. Giving you excellent vision once more.

State of the Art Portable Eye Care Equipment

We only use the latest eye care technology in our clinics. We have created portable versions of this equipment we so can bring the same standards of care into our home.

Home Eye Care Services

  • Private eye examinations and tests ( you can have free NHS eye tests (for those eligible))
  • Dispensing services including magnifying aids and lighting equipment for low vision patients
  • Personally fitted spectacles. Any adjustments needed are performed at your house on the day we deliver them. This alleviates issues on the day without the need for us to return to your home with adjusted eye wear. Less fuss and more convenient
  • Free 12 month aftercare service

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

All of our staff work to a high calibre. They are fully qualified, UK trained and registered GOC members. They will identify your eye care needs and address them. Giving you better vision and a better quality of life.

Regular Eye Exams

Unless we have our prescriptions updated, our quality of life can deteriorate. With our home visit eye examination and dispensing service this does not have to happen to you.