Visioncare is a leading supplier of eyewear offering clients an extensive range of frames to choose from. Whether you call them glasses, frames, eyewear, spectacles or specs, we are passionate about them and have the perfect pair for you.

An Amazing Assortment of Eyewear

The collection available at Visioncare includes a range of classic and chic frames for ladies and latest styles and trends for men. We have trendy, contemporary eyewear for young adults and children, not to mention a quirky, retro collection for the more daring! A fantastic assortment of frames are offered including plastics, metal frames, traditional and contemporary. We stock a magnificent collection of designer and fashionable eyewear from an array of designers including Calvin Klein, Gucci, Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss and many more. Your choice is endless!

At Visioncare, experienced and dedicated ophthalmic dispensing staff will be happy to advise on the most suitable lenses for your eye prescription. They will also advise on the most appropriate frames to suit you and your lifestyle. Dispensing staff offer professional advise on frame colours, sizing of frame, lens width and height, suitability for specific lenses and provide guidance on latest eyewear trends. Patients will be assured of receiving the most professional and caring service with an end result that will be sure to frame your face perfectly.

The ‘Smart Mirror’

Significant emphasis is placed on choosing the correct eyewear frames and at Visioncare, staff assist this process further by embracing digital technology with the use of advanced technologies available in the form of the amazing ‘Smart Mirror’ imaging device.

The ‘Smart Mirror’ is a unique device that offers a virtual try-on for clients, enabling you to view yourself in a variety of eyewear frames simultaneously and at different angles. This technological comparative process is an excellent way for patients to compare styles, frame colours and coatings, often leaving clients amazed whilst enabling them to see exactly what style of frames suits them. It enables analysis of face shape, image and overall appearance. Patients at Visioncare acne drug are encouraged to avail of this very clever system during the frame selection process ensuring you select the most perfect frame for you.

The professional ophthalmic dispensing staff at Visioncare look forward to welcoming you and will assist you with the selection of your next pair of eyewear frames. Arrange an appointment today and see how Visioncare combine the highest standard of eye care with an exciting showcase of frames.