Looking for eye examinations in London?

Eye examinations are a highly important part of preventive health care. It is common for many eye and vision problems to develop with no obvious symptoms, leaving many of us unaware that a problem exists. At Visioncare we advocate regular eye examinations enabling early diagnosis and treatment of vision problems. Visioncare offer a comprehensive selection of eye care examinations checking the vision and health of eyes for both adults and children.

Visioncare - A Team of Qualified Optometrists

At Visioncare specialist opticians in London, we have a team of independent qualified optometrists with many years of experience within their field of expertise. We offer an exceptionally high standard of eye care and firmly believe in providing you with the best possible solution for your eye care problem. At Visioncare, we are renowned for our dedication and commitment to our clients plus the provision of an elevated level of service at all times.

Regular Eye Examinations

We advise on arranging regular eye examinations. These are vital in identifying changes in the health and vision of our eyes, particularly as changes or the development of eye problems can happen slowly. Therefore, early detection of eye problems can enable an effective eye care management plan and successful treatment.

Eye examinations are also very important as they can assist with early detection of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. In young children, vision problems during schooling years can often be related to poor performance in school. Children’s eyesight should be monitored closely and at Visioncare we offer dedicated Children’s Eyecare Services.

Eye Examinations & Technology

Our approach to eye examinations combines the use of the latest technology and instruments. Some of the technologies and instruments at our disposal include:

Retinal Imaging: Retinal imaging is a technological advancement in eye care enabling optometrists to capture a digital image of the retina, blood vessels and optic nerve. Retinal imaging assists with the early detection of diseases that can affect both eye and general health and enable the development of a treatment plan. These include glaucoma, diabetes and hypertensions. This is a pain free procedure that involves a digital image of the back of each eye and only takes several minutes.

Humphrey Visual Field (Hospital Standards): The Humphrey Visual Field test is designed to assess the sensitivity of the eye as well as the extent of the peripheral vision. The main purpose of the test is to monitor damage to the nerve fibre at the back of the eye caused by glaucoma.

Corneal Topography (Scan): Corneal Topography is a procedure used to monitor and measure changes that may occur to the shape and integrity of the cornea of your eye. A series of images are produced which are helpful for analyzing the health of your eyes and also useful for correct fitting of contact lenses.

Pachymetry: Pachymetry is the measurement of the depth of the thinnest point of the cornea and can be done through scanning devices.

At Visioncare we work along with GP’s and Hospital Eye Departments. We also offer weekly specialist clinics for Glaucoma and Primary Eye Care affiliated to Moorfields Eye Hospital. In addition to this we also provide specialist Children’s Clinics including the use of Colorimetry and Colour Filters for children who display problems with reading.