Children’s Eye Care Services London

As with all aspects of your child’s development, eyesight is an area which should be monitored and treated if necessary. We have found that a pre – school eye examinations can catch issues early on. The earlier they are caught, the better the treatment we can offer, and the better quality of life for your child.To that end we have developed the following eye care services for children. Our services are often recommended by local GPs.

There are various treatments to help children with reading difficulties, one of which is the use of coloured overlays. Get more information on them here!

Children’s Eye Care Services Available at Vision-care Medical Eye Centre London Opticians

• Reading Difficulty Treatments – Through using coloured overlays we can often alleviate the issues caused by visual stress associated with learning difficulties and dyslexia in children. The visual stress causes text to blur and creates confusion in your child’s mind. Prescribed coloured overlays help the mind concentrate by de – cluttering the stress experienced.

If it is suspected your child may be suffering with reading difficulties caused by visual stress or a similar condition, coloured overlays are placed over reading materials. Should this prove beneficial, coloured lenses maybe fitted to eye glasses. Please follow this link to learn more: Colorimetry

To learn more about our reading difficulties and visual stress treatments which were featured on the BBC, follow this link: Treatments for children

• Standard Eye Tests – As stated having a pre – school eye test will help determine whether your child needs glasses, and whether other conditions are developing. As with most conditions early detection and treatment bring the best results.

Dedicated Specialist Children’s Eye Care Clinics

We have a dedicated children’s clinic. This is why GPs close to our practices often recommend our services to their patients.In addition to our exceptional eye care services for children, we have a fashionable and comprehensive range of eye wear frames, many of which are free for children via the NHS. As we manufacture the lenses ourselves, we offer both the best and cost effective eye wear available today.

Click here and book your child’s eye appointment. The sooner you do the sooner the better quality of life for your child.

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