If you have been diagnosed with blepharitis, you have probably been told to clean, wipe or warm your lids frequently. Some patient will get resolution of symptoms just with that. However, certain blepharitis can be more resilient.

If you still have symptoms despite your best effort, BlephEx™ is something for you. BlephEx™ has revolutionized blepharitis treatment. This is a simple procedure to give you a deep clean for your eyelids while you maintain it thereafter with our products of choice. BlephEx™ microsponge removes bacteria, scurf and debris which causes chronic inflammation of your lid margins. It is a bit like a dental hygienist cleaning away plaques.

Now and again, you will probably need to have another BlephEx™ treatment. Typically, patients who maintains it well return for another BlephEx™ treatment every 6 months. For those who live a busy life and have no time to do regular daily maintenance, you can have a BlephEx™ treatment every 2-3 months.