Keratoconus is a disorder of the front transparent surface of the eye, the cornea. The cornea becomes thin and bulges out. This results in distorted vision. In the early stages, spectacles can provide good vision; However,when the condition becomes advanced, special contact lenses are required to provide good vision. These are custom made rigid, scleral or hybrid (soft and hard) lenses.

We are a specialist centre for keratoconus fittings – Mr Bharat Rughani, having over 30 years experience in fitting keratoconic eyes, both in private practice as well as Moorfields Eye Hospital.


The fitting requires special instruments to take a corneal scan as well as detailed measurements. We fit all types of Keratoconus lenses including Rose K2, Rose K IC, Kerasoft, Synergeyes, SoClear, ClearKone, Scleral to name a few.

We are registered with the Keratoconus Self Help and Support Group