Optomap – Daytona Optomap system

An Optomap® using Optos® Daytona Plus literally gives you a 200° field of view of your retina. See Figure 1. This is massive compared to 45° using traditional retinal photography.

Retinal photography is so old school. This technology has been around for decades, started with film then digital but the principles are the same. It is good but with limitations compared to current technology.

To give you a perspective, Figure 2 is a pair of images. On the left was taken with traditional retinal camera and on the right was an Optomap® taken with our Optos® Daytona Plus. They are size-matched of the same eye in real clinical setting of an actual patient (not a model).

As well as giving your an ultra-widefield scan of your retina, Daytona Plus is also able to perform a medical imaging technique called autofluorescence imaging of your retina. Autofluorescence imaging is relatively new in eyecare. Currently, not many NHS hospitals are able to perform that but we can!

This technology shows up certain conditions, such as atrophic macular degeneration. Usually this would be relatively invisible to traditional techniques. Combined with its ultra-widefield capability, Optos® Daytona Plus is just something else entirely.

We thoroughly enjoy this modern and hi-tech piece of equipment like this to give you the advanced eye care you deserve.

New Year, New Look, New Eyewear

With 2015 already in full swing, why not beat the January blues by treating yourself to some designer eyewear?  Having a new look at the start of the year often puts you in a happier state of mind.  It can also provide you with a better more positive outlook, and puts a spring in your stride.  So read on, and discover the brands we feature.  They give offer comfort, style, strength, choice, and last but not least, 20/20 vision.


Designer Brands and Eyewear

The better more stylish eyewear comes from the better more stylish brands.  They take the time to design the look of the glasses, while other design teams are bought in to concentrate on the more practical aspects such as durability.  This fusion of talent creates the best eyewear money can buy.

Tag Heuer’s offering to the eyewear market is like their other products, classy and elegant.  They have added nifty design features to set them apart from their competition.

Silhouette has been in the business of eyewear for a long time, and their experience shows and does them proud.  Their screw-less design is nothing short of ingenious.

Calvin Klein’s eyewear feature colours which are arguably elaborate, yet this only adds to the built-in style.  Somehow, the design offers eyewear for every occasion.

Gucci requires no introduction as the brand speaks for itself.  So much so that their spectacle range makes a statement.  Such is the strength and reputation of the brand.

Lacoste is another established brand, and brings its designer know-how to you in the form of quality eyewear.  Why not take a look?

New You

Your eyewear helps to define you so take a look at what we offer.  We select only the finest brands.  They all offer a fusion of style and strength, combining the latest technology with design thinking.  Good eyewear choice will draw attention to your eyes.  Eyes are believed by some to be the window to your soul.

You deserve the best, so click here and choose your next spectacle frame before we sell out.

Pick up a Stylish and Classy Spectacle Frame Today

With Christmas come these stylish frames from some of the world’s most well known brands.  If you’re looking for a new look, or you need a new pair of specs, these could be a starting point.  All the frames are strong, stylish, and have an elegant and classy feel.

Tag Heuer TH3102 Col 0.005 Spectacle Frame

Tag heuer spectacle frames
Tag Heuer Spectacles can easily fit under a crash helmet

From Tag Heuer comes a spectacle frame which has been designed in the French Jura for sleek comfort.  Featuring a hingeless temple design comprised of titanium,  these sleek frames can easily slip under a crash helmet.  With fully adjustable end tips, ultra-adherent elastomer in the temples, together with a 3D nose pad, these spectacle frames are comfort and style assured.


Silhouette 1899 Col 20 6108 Frame

Silhouette spectacle frames
The Silhouette frame features an ingenious screw – less design

The Silhouette 1899 frames feature an ingenious screw-less hinge design which minimises breakages.  Silhouette use a high quality SPX plastic for the wire thin frames.  This plastic is Silhouette’s own patented mould which gives the frames uncanny strength.  Despite the technical aspects the frames retain a stylish quality not found in most designs.


Calvin Klein 5376 Col 539 Spec Frame

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein offer a funky colour scheme to match your personality


Calvin Klien has always been associated with style and elegance and their spectacle frames adhere to their standards well.  This fame features a sturdy construction and stylish design to ensure the fames do not obscure your natural features, and allow you to see perfectly.





Gucci 3201 Col Z9Y Glasses Frame


Gucci spectacle frame
Gucci offer their own take on a classic theme

Constructed from a strong Acetate frame, the classic stylish design is complimented by a blue and beige colour scheme which speaks the language of classy elegance well.  If class and elegance is part of your ambition, these frames will serve you well.




Lacoste 2678 Col 207 Spectacle Frame


Lacoste spectacle frame
Lacoste take a no nonsense approach to spectacle frame design which you may find refreshing


Another classic frame design from another classic brand, Lacoste have given their frame a stylish brown colour scheme.  The Lacoste frame are both strong and durable and sport a classic look.  Now you have a glasses frame that oozes style and is strong enough to last.



Flexon E1026 Col 001 Spectacle Frame


Flexon spectacle frame
The Flexon frame two shade colour scheme catches the eye without being in the face.

The Flexon frame we bring to the market combines the classic glasses frame look with sleek elegance.  Comfortable and strong, the Flexon’s frame sports a subtle two shade colour scheme.  This  will ensure you come across as a person who chooses their look with care.




To enhance your style through your eyewear, click here to contact us and order your new frames today.