Ortho K is a revolutionary new procedure that uses specially designed contact lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep, leaving you the freedom to enjoy life!

This new treatment allows freedom from glasses and contact lenses during the day and offers a safe, reversible alternative to laser eye surgery.

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Key benefits of Ortho K:

  • Ortho k contact lenses are highly oxygen permeable and are only worn while you sleep.
  • In the morning the lens is removed to benefit from clear unaided vision all day.
  • Ortho k is also known to control the progression of short-sightedness in children.

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Fitting procedure

  • Appointment 1 - Eye Test, slit-lamp microscopy, corneal mapping (topography-scan),
  • Data - E mailed to lab for analysis, suitability and configuration of customised

Ortho-K Lenses

  • Appointment 2 - Collection, fitting, handling & hygiene instruction for overnight wear
  • Appointment 3 - Overnight wear check. Lenses removed in practice. Eyes and lenses checked. Corneal mapping (topography-scan) carried out.
  • Appointment 4 - 1/2 week progress check.
  • Check-ups 3 monthly and thereafter 6 monthly intervals
  • Lenses are replaced every 6 months to ensure eyes remain healthy, reduce risk of infection/regression and to maintain the corneas at their optimum new shape.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

Over forty years ago, eye-care practitioners discovered that it was possible to use contact lenses to reshape the cornea and thereby correct defects of eyesight. Unfortunately back then, there were only old-fashioned hard lenses which were uncomfortable and gave unpredictable results. The arrival of modern high-oxygen permeable lenses has changed all that.

Ortho-K is a revolutionary new procedure that uses special contact-lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep! In the morning simply remove the lenses and benefit from clear unaided vision all day. No more contact-lens problems in dry, smokey or dusty environments. Lenses are required to be used every night for 6hours minimum.

Already established in many countries Ortho-K is safe and suitable for both adults and children - particularly if they take part in sports and are mature enough to handle them. Furthermore, there is a significant chance that it will slow down or arrest the progression of myopia. The youngest child we have fitted at Visioncare is 12 years old.

Our investment in the very latest 3-D corneal mapping system together with ground-breaking technology means we are now able to recommend this amazing new form of vision correction with confidence. Our patients can now choose to have normal unaided vision with all day freedom from contact-lenses, spectacles or surgery worries.

And unlike surgery, the Ortho-K procedure is totally reversible. If you dislike the lenses, the possible glare noticed in the early stages or the results are not as expected, you simply stop wearing the lenses and within a few days your eyes return back to normal.


Corrects your vision while you sleep - no more dry, scratchy eyes at the end of the day!

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